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一、Which Kind of Accommodation Do you Prefer to Choose?你會選擇哪種住所?

In the pictures, I am offered four different types of accommodation for choice.

Picture One is a dormitory room on the campus and I think this is typical of the traditionalstudents' lodgings. Being shared by eight students, the room is crowded. All there is to see arebeds, double-deck beds. One table stands in the middle with five students sitting around it. There being no space for chairs or benches, they sit on the beds. The rest of them have to stay intheir nests doing their lessons. Luggage and suitcases find their place either under or above thebeds. The room is small and crowded, yet the rent is low, just 20 yuan a month.

Compared with Picture One, the dormitory room in Picture Four is much better. Since it isshared by four, it looks larger. The space originally for beds is filled with two wardrobes whichinclude all the luggage, books and knick-knacks. Anyway, it is cleaner and bet ter furnished. Although the rent is twice as much as that of Picture One, I think I get my money's worth andit is within my financial capacity.

As to Picture Two, I like the apartment room very much because it is also on the campus and isbeautifully furnis hed with all the necessary facilities. Of course, I will make a good friend of myroom-mate. However, it's unrealistic for me to rent it, because I have to live on my parentsand my father is a wage-earner and my mother a laid-off worker. It is unimaginable for me tochoose Picture Three. I think it's for sons and daughters of overnight millionaires. It's likeliving on a luxurious isolated island. I can neither stand the cost nor conquer the loneliness.

All in all, I think the room in Picture Four should be my wise choice.

二、Hobbies and Interests習慣和興趣

From Monday until Friday most people are busy working or studying, but in the evenings and onweekends they are free to relax and enjoy themselves. Some watch television or go to themovies; others participate in sports. It depends on individual interests. There are manydifferent ways to spend our spare time.

Almost everyone has some kind of hobby. It may be anything from collecting stamps to makingmodel airplanes. Some hobbies are worth a lot of money; others are valuable only to theirowners.

I know a man who has a coin collection worth several thousand yuan. A short time ago hebought a rare ten-yuan piece worth 250 yuan. He was very happy about the purchase andthought the price was reasonable. On the other hand, my son collects match boxes. He hasalmost 600 of them but I doubt if they are worth any money. However, to my son they areextremely valuable. Nothing makes him happier than to find a new match-box for hiscollection.

That's what a hobby means, I guess. It is something we like to do in our spare time simply forthe fun of it. The value in money is not important, but the pleasure it gives us is.

三、Advantages of Collecting收集的好處

Some small things are collected delibe rately in the home in an attempt to avoid waste. Amongthese I would list string and brown paper, kept by thrifty people when a parcel has beenopened, to save buying these two requisites. However, collecting as a serious hobby is quitedifferent and has many advantages.

Firstly, it provides relaxation for leisure hours, just as looking at one's treasure is always apleasure. One does not have to go outside for amusement, since the collection is housed athome. Whatever it consists of, stamps, records, pictures, model cars, stuffed birds, toy animals, there is always something to do in connection with it, from finding the right place for the latestaddition to verifying facts in reference books. Consequently, one's knowledge expands.

Secondly, this hobby educates one not only in the chosen subject, but also in general matterswhich have some bearing on it, for instance, to meet like-minded collectors, to get advice, tocompare notes, to show off the latest find, and so on. In this way, one's circle of friends grows.

Thirdly, the hobby soon leads to travel, perhaps to a meeting in another town, possibly a tripabroad in search of rare specimen (for collectors are not confined to one country). Over theyears one may well become an authority on one's hobby and will very probably be asked togive informal talks to little gatherings and then, if successful, to larger audience. In so doingself-confidence grows, first from mastering a subject, then from being able to talk about it.

In conclusion, collecting, by occupying spare time so constructively, makes a personcontented, with no time for boredom.

四、Dangerous Sports Should Be Banned危險運動應該被禁止

When we speak of the ancient Romans, we can't help thrilling at the slaughter in their arenaswhich they took as entertainment. Well, any way, this happened 2, 000 years ago. But aremodern people less blood-thirsty? Why do boxing matches attract such universal interest? Don't the spectators hope to see some violence?

It is really incredible that in this age we should still allow hunting and bull-fighting, that weshould be prepared to sit back and watch two men fight each other in a boxing ring, that weshould be relatively unmoved by the sight of one or a number of racing cars crashing andbursting into flames. People take part in violent sports because of the high rewards they bring. Spectators are willing to pay vast sums of money to see violence. A lot of people aredisappointed if a fight is over in two rounds instead of fifteen just because they have beendeprived of the exquisite pleasure of witnessing prolonged tor ture and violence .

Why should we ban violent sports since people enjoy them so much? The answer is simple: they are uncivilized. For centuries man has been trying to improve himself spiritually andemotionally and this is the 21st century. Tremendous progress has been made in science andtechnology, social welfare systems are in operation in many parts of the world, and big effortshave been made to increase public wealth. These changes have come about because humanbeings have taken positive steps to change and improve human civilization. If we banneddangerous and violent sports, we would be moving one step further to improving mankind.

五、Why Blue Jeans Popular?牛仔褲為什么流行?

Everywhere you go, you'll see people, male or female, old or young, wearing jeans. Indeed, jeans have grown more and more popular since the first pair was born. In newspapers andmagazines or on TV you often come across such ads as "Buy these jeans they are cheap. Buythem — they are hardwea ring. Buy them — they are comfortable." I think there is no cheatingin these ads.

In the first place, jeans are so cheap that almost everyone can afford to buy a pair, especiallyfor students and wage-earners. No one would not pay less and get more.

That jeans wear well and wash well is their second superiority to other kinds of trousers. Wherever you go and whatever you do, you'll find jeans your good companion. Made of purecotton, jeans are very comfortable. What is more, they produce a good image and make youlook casual, sporty, tough, elegant, and sophisticated.

Modern fashions come and go quickly, but, thanks to Levi Strauss, jeans alwaysr emain people'sfirst choice.









It is very necessary to be a good university student.(議論體的主題句) There are several respects of necessities to be a good university student.(說明體的主題句)

What I will do in the future is the following.(描述體的主題句)


確定主題句后,接下來的工作就是展開論述。許多考生真正犯難的也是這一步。最基本的解決辦法是擴大詞匯量,豐富自己的語法存儲。在寫作時,語法和詞匯都是最基本的。然而,組織段落的能力也是尤為重要的(接下來的連貫與銜接部分,我們更為詳細的為大家講解)。行文時,不只是提供一些information,還要學會運用一些examples, personal experiences, comparisons, deions等等,只有這樣,才不會覺得無話可“寫”。



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